An Evening Stroll Around London Town

To really know a place you have to walk it. It’s amazing what you discover when you go off of the beaten track and take a chance on that cute restaurant or ask someone local where they’d recommend. Great conversations often follow which open your mind. It’s hot and sticky at the moment and transport into town is at best uncomfortable. So perhaps a little daunting but I am suggesting a late evening stroll, there’s nothing like a walk through London at night, as people turn out the lights the city comes alive and shines. One of my favourite routes is to walk from the Strand past Charing Cross and St Martin in the Fields cutting through Leicester Square getting a snack in Soho….Barrafina on Thrift Street is my favourite, a bit of a detour and the food will delay you so better not…..perhaps some street food in Chinatown then onwards up through Hanover Square to Bond Street crossing over Oxford Street and Cavendish Square then meandering through Marylebone so many pretty smells, sights colours to experience. Pop in somewhere discover a place all of your own, go by sense and feel, not by an online review, or just completely ignore me and find your own route and only look at the phone if you are lost….. you’re only ever 10mins from a tube… oh and make sure to bring a bottle of water … its hot hot hot…..

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