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I’ve been away but I’m back now and it’s time to confess!

I had a leg operation recently so this is my first day back to normality online. The blog has been a ‘little’ neglected (understatement I know), but the time away allowed me to realise that I don’t have a clue about what I am doing. I’m not an online expert, I’m someone who has taken a break from my professional life to explore the other things I love and to see what else is out there. So there it’s off of my chest!

I have been trying to figure out patterns/demand etc and marketing ; insta vs twitter vs snapchat vs Facebook vs the next new thing coming shortly?? . The time away has made me realise that I like to write and try to put my wisdom or at least my wins and fails (there have been a few) out there for others to read. I have to be myself, leave my ego at the door and just keep going and eventually I’ll find my rhythm and ‘tribe’ or people (not sure if I’m up with the lingo yet), I hope.

I’ve always been a grafter with a clear goal in my 9 to 9 life where if I’m honest I’ve always excelled but then I’m a good face to facer and the online community is a different beast altogether. As my offering online is somewhat eclectic and without structure or form at the moment I am having a bit of inner turmoil. I like structure and a plan and in a way my suffering is quite freeing as I am getting a new and less institutional perspective.

The Journey


I shall conquer my inner fear and just find my flow. I will be updating the blog with quite a few catch-up articles in the next week, so apologies the traffic may be a little much but worth it ‘hopefully’. I would love to hear your feedback or thoughts as I go 😉

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