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Week 2 – Eat for £50 a Month Challenge

Today is the end of the first week of the £5o a month challenge and I am feeling a little smug as on the whole it’s been a resounding success. Two friends & some of their friends are all set to sign-up, after one came round for dinner last week and sampled the meatballs and the Tortilla.  When asked to guess the cost of the meatballs with rice said “ok so I am guessing it’s thrifty, knowing you so £5” she was left speechless when told 65p and that girl can talk ha ha…. oh and there were leftovers too.

My little sister has been raving to her mates and her boyfriend is on board as he can’t believe the quality, flavours and savings.

My older brother and his girlfriend are over from Ireland this week so I haven’t had as much time to prep. That isn’t an excuse though as I’m really having fun on this challenge and also managing to bulk out the dishes so I wonder how many will stretch to 3 (additional mouths to feed) so let’s see.  I have a list which contains some of the same ingredients from last week ( as the recipes were so good), all of the repeat meals will have some extra twists and may require a little bit more work to bring those improved flavour flourishes to the fore, but not a lot of work 😉  I am also going to see if there are any special offers or deals on fish as I’d like to do some Fish & Chips and also some Fish and rice dishes this week but I’ll have to see what’s available.  I haven’t been to the market yet, that’s all tomorrow so I shall have to check the seasonal produce and if there are any additions or perhaps deletions on the list.  I am also going to pay a visit to my local Indian and Asian markets to see what might be good buys.  I’ll let you know tomorrow ……….  but if you can get everything below for around 7.50 then go for it…


At the moment the outline basic food shopping list looks like the post-it in the photo above,  the planned recipes for the week as follows;

Day 1 – Lunch – baked eggs
Day 1 -Dinner – Italian meatballs with rice

Day 2 – Lunch – leftover meatballs sarnie
Day 2 – Dinner – fish & chips

Day 3 – Lunch – Baba ganouj & chickpea,pea and mint dip with 2 flat breads
Day 3 – Dinner – Egg curry

Day 4 – Lunch tortilla with Summer greens and any leftover dip from day b4
Day 4 – Dinner – coop pie

Day 5 – Lunch – beans burrito with chillies
Day 5 – Dinner – kedgeree

Day 6 – Lunch Grilled veg with side of fragrant lemon rice
Day 6 – Dinner – veg hotpot with steamed fish….

Day 7 – What’s left in the fridge – Lunch
Day 7 – What’s left in the fridge – dinner

Leftover shop challenge 🙂 wait and see








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