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Writing is Hard

I can see the nodding faces in my mind as I start to write.  I should have known, but I thought oh how hard can it be?.  There’s an annoying line from a Coldplay song “Nobody said it was easy” playing in my head…. but I’ve never been one to shirk a challenge, especially one I’ve put out there myself.  When a goal is shared and sent out into the universe it commits you and when people ask how’s it going, have you finished the book yet?  I smile and breath and say “it’s coming along, there’s so much to cover”.. How are things with you?

I love a challenge, a crisis, a problem, I am a troubleshooter after all…. where’s my shooter because I may be in trouble?, or it could just be the unknown, the fight or flight, the conscious and the subconscious sizing each other up.

I came into this world like a gladiator and I have always been competitive, my mother thinks I am an anomaly as she can’t figure out where I get “it” from.  I have always striven, been driven whilst the rest of my immediate family are fairly relaxed, pretty horizontal and chilled.  I on the other hand like to be on the move, juggling lots of plates, maybe breaking a few along the way but that’s ok “isn’t it?”.  But with writing I may have hit a wall, what’s the problem I hear you say?  Well my problem is that I have too much to say and I need to find my less is more switch and concentrate, to focus, take one step at a time as opposed to running at it like a bull at a gate (my Irish heritage shows itself).  Everyone keeps saying get it down then get it right and I know they are giving me sound advice.  It makes perfect sense but will it be enough? So this has been my less for therapy, my inner wobble that I have put out there for validation and commiseration…

Have a great weekend, more from me next week!!

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