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Unite to Divide the Right

I choose to write poetry

To overcome bigotry

To out the inconsistency and inhumanity

Of those who rule but never see, The reality

They choose to think they know what’s best for us in our daily life

But they consistently get it wrong

Choosing leaders who they think resonate with the masses

Because they speak well, wear a tie or are spinners of lies

Who never answer a question or seek to right a wrong

But have strings where a backbone should belong

Creating classes where there should be no divide

Seeing through glasses that are screwed with misplaced pride

Until we as people unite to divide the leaders who lead us to the right

Who make common people want to fight

Who use subterfuge and lies and spin them on Sky, CNN and News at 10

About the Refugees the EU referendum or the NHS

To incite people to do what is wrong in the name of right

But the right is wrong and if they manage to divide

Spouting unchecked fiction instead of fact in our daily lives, on tv and the press

Making decisions without discussion or redress

Creating a world which is such a mess

And we standby and go on with our simple lives, turning a blind eye

Then we all go to to hell

© Pamela Morrison
I wrote this rant poem as an instinctive response to my feelings of disillusionment at the establishment and our general culture shift.  I decide to stand-up and I continue to do so…..This time last year I was shocked at the lack of facts in the media and the lack of real reporting and journalism. It’s taken until recently for the mainstream media to call out the lack of fact checking in mainstream media news networks and the press but we the people have been calling it since 2008. The politicians and media just don’t seem to have their fingers on the pulse, they still don’t.  I hope that things change in light of recent developments ……how long should we have to wait?

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