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Pre-loved, Re-loved, Treasure!!

Up early and out the door to bid and guide a newbie client on auction mastery she recently purchased a flat & when I showed her the quality and design she could afford from my home she was hooked.  Step outside that comfort zone, chuck out the view that auctions are filled with useless and smelly items.  They are a veritable treasure trove of quality and design and will also save you major bucks.  I have to curb my auction outings as there is so much value to be found the temptation can be hard to turn your back on.

Top auction tips

  1. Check out the catalogue ahead of time – usually online a day before.
  2. Research prices and compare new products online and the prices this will give you a benchmark to work from.  Remember than a lot of the online prices will be for repro and you may be buying originals.
  3. Make sure to account for the tax, the auction house I go to in Greenwich has the following: all lots are subject to 18% buyers premium (inclusive of VAT). A minimum buyers premium of £6 (inclusive of VAT) will apply to each INVOICE (this does not apply to each lot).
  4. If there’s a preview the night before go and check it out and pick up a catalogue.
  5. Identify what you want to bid on and check it out again before the auction in the daylight just to be sure !
  6. Register to bid at the auction house ahead of the bidding start (auctioneers don’t hang around and if you’re not prepared you may miss out) and get your number.
  7. Set your top bids in your head and in pen on the catalogue and stick to them.
  8. Don’t be slow, put your hand up (with your number facing the auctioneer) as auctioneer move fast as there is often a lot to get through.
  9. Whilst at the auction jot down sold prices in your catalogue and keep for future reference so you know for outings to come.
  10. If you miss out on a bid, don’t dwell but learn from the experience.
  11. Soak up the atmosphere.

Make sure to pass on the knowledge and love and next time bring your friends and open their eyes to pre-loved so they can re-love ❤️ happy auctioning

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