Less is the Key to Luxe

Join the Journey.

I have been on a journey since I stepped off the treadmill in 2012, my Quest on Less, a minimalistic, less materialistic less consuming cleanse. I have re-ignited my understanding of money, value, quality and fairness. I have rediscovered Luxe and what it should mean.  Eliminating waste across my entire spend profile means that I now have more for the things that really matter.  All of this is common sense but I think that many of us forget, we get sidetracked by life.

Increase your wealth of pocket and life.

Spending is often a mark of status and perceived respect. The idea of spending less or making do as a way to increase your wealth seems counter-intuitive but what would you be missing “stuff” that’s not life. Life is experiences, memories, fun, less stress, having the money freedom to make choices. Put more meaning in your life, not more stuff.

It’s a simple recipe of less is more. 

Taking back control of that wallet of yours, can fuel your dreams if you let it. Don’t get seduced by the looks or the marketing of a product but by the quality and value. Validate that you need those daily spends which if held back could fuel your future and your dreams to make them a reality

For me if you break life down to what you really need with a bit of Luxe thrown in “at the right price” you have a recipe for success. Do you agree? With less stuff there is more time and less stress, more freedom and choice and clarity with less material shackles weighing you down.  What do you think? 

Don’t let your money slip away

I am a little bit zealot in lauding the love of all the tools that can give better value; a sale, a Coupon, a Groupon, Supermarket points, Credit/Debit card cashback. With interest rates on savings at an all time low and more people with credit card debt than ever before we all need to earn and save wherever we can. Making what we earn work for us and getting better value alongside quality has the consequence of a better quality of life.  We really are letting money slip through our fingers if we don’t use the opportunities to spend less when they come along.

The Challenge

So if you are up for the challenge, join me for a clothing challenge starting tomorrow. Setting a budget and a key list to deliver those needs and a few lustful luxeful wants?. Knowing your numbers and your benchmarks (what is the realistic market price for an item). Swapping things to get things and also looking for deals on what you buy = win/win…….

This time last year I purchased an entire capsule wardrobe for the price of 2 or 3 (depending on place) take-out cuppas a week. I have always shopped around but I set a limit on items and forbade myself (harsh but achievable). I practice what I preach well most of the time ūüėäI have a box that I keep price tags in and I share this with my clients. It opens up minds to what you can get for less or by swapping. I’ll Share this in a separate post tomorrow but it usually results in cries of “no way”.

The Proof

– My clothes and shoe spend in June last year was ¬£261.99 as opposed to ¬£591 so I saved 42% how?  Shopping around (no vintage on this one all new) checking out highstreet and supermarket clothes as well as online and sales, timing it for reductions only buying what I needed and loved. Oh & not forgetting to use cashback & points cards and quidco, highstreet etc. to earn as well….

The haul consisted of a jacket, boots, shoes (2 pairs), 6 tops (4 eve, 2 casual), gym gear (sweats and top inc. sports bra) , 2 funky skirts, 2 pairs of jeans, underwear (3 bras and 5 briefs), costume jewellery . Putting clothes on your Xmas present and birthday lists can help as well.

The benefits have been more than I expected
Luxe for less, no tat, a reduced footprint with less stuff, less stress, more money for dreams.  I am an unconciously competent shopper who drinks and eats less takeout I like the cafeti√®re and my flask cup so much that I now only buy takeout coffee occasionally (last one 2 months ago)… I’ve lost weight too down from a 12/14 to a 10 as my changes have transformed me holistically.

Make a budget & list to start

My clothes budget for July 2017 to July 2018 is ¬£150 and my key list is (loose linen dressy whistles trousers in navy, a top that can’t be black  & perhaps a funky dress).  The M&S sale starts tomorrow, it’s always good for tops and I’m heading up the west end as I am lusting after a whistles trousers (it’s on my list) .  Come and join me virtually but only if you have a list and a budget set for the year…. come on you know you can, every journey starts with one step! check me out on insta @thethriftiest  with the #thethriftiestshopchall for this challenge lets cheerlead each other for motivation and support.



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