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Recognise Your Victories


We don’t savour or recognise our victories or the sweetness they bring, often enough.

We should all take time during our day  to recognise the Yays, the highs, the sweetness, the love, the victories. The happiness we would feel if we just reflect for once in where we are, what we have done well and said “well done you got this far”.

We never pause to celebrate, our potential, where we are, how far we have come.

We spend too much time on analysing our defeats, wallowing in the lows and the bitterness therein, living in the past not learning the lessons and moving ahead.

We check our online presence often setting our expectations & desires on a life that is filtered on our screen, it’s a mirage and just isn’t real.

We wage war on ourselves, undervalue our worth, berate our choices. We compare ourselves to others never seeing our light or what we have to offer.  Let’s look for the possibilities, be open to conversation and the opportunities therein.

With an open heart and mind embrace the day.

Take a moment and think of the smiles, the belly laughs, the people you love the places you’ve been and plan to see as well as the things that make your soul sing.  If you haven’t seen or done any of those things that  make you individual, exciting and unique in a while then sort it out….

Hands over ears la la la..

No excuses now, take time to rediscover your zing the things that make you feel like you belong, where you lose time and want to just hold on to that feeling inside it’s called being alive….    Nobody is looking so don’t be scared and if perchance they are who cares “he/she who dares wins” after all.   Put more life in your years, be in it, feel it, control it don’t just let it happen to you.

There is no right recipe to life, but you should explore the world around you even if you never take a flight.  You should open your mind to as many things as you can fit, to see if there is something that ignites you passion and makes your heart sing.   Then you can…….

Live those dreams, vanish those fears and embrace the rest of your life.

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