Trick or Treat (A Reality)

Trick or treat, I hear you repeat
Bitter not sweet, Bitter not sweet
It tool me a while to realise
What I thought was love was just a disguise
I don’t know what’s us anymore
What’s the deal when you walk through the door
Thought you were the love of my life
What did I know about trouble and strife
I woke up in the centre of a scene
Face down on the kitchen floor
Like something out of Halloween

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Go Out & Play

From childhood we see the possibility The moon Space travel The galaxy The hero and the heroine Pegasus the noble steed Growing up is hard to do Consumed by the challenges in front of you Attuned to the path, the journey within […]

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Your Cure

Words appear sometimes like deja vu You didn’t have to think, it’s as if you knew The page fills with colour and light So bright you don’t even have an appetite You are lost in the zone The frenzy, the lines of […]

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The Working Week

Monday to Thursday Just aren’t fun I rarely see a happy tweet For the working week Imagine a message of, I can’t wait for Tuesday Temptation What a revelation Or Wednesday Waycation Sweeping the nation With Thursday Tribulation Causing vibrations and celebrations […]

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A Life Well Lived

Life of grime Or life of crime The daily grind Doing time Hitting that treadmill Life on repeat What’s a waste of time? Step off Step out Shout Scream Begin Reinvent Don’t lament No racing Sharing Caring Giving Living What a difference […]

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Looking Down the Barrel of a Loaded Gun

You said I looked sexy in my uniform I was barely out of primary school You were the teacher who used to look at our legs Then hover over our desks, with your bad breath You were the priest who caught me […]

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The Life of Brian

Ophelia left the other day Apparently Brian was on his way Who names these storms and hurricanes The latter name is so mundane I think it may just be some rain A window rattle, a little breeze Perhaps more like a winter […]

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Follow Your Gut

No matter what you do in life Listen to your gut Don’t think twice Ignore the cliches Like Keep your head down Don’t take a risk Don’t stand out A job for life Don’t shy away from failure Make mistakes Be stupid, […]

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Ophelia came and blew Until the lights went dark Such a lovely name For one so filled with rage Many asked what happened to the birds Where did they go, what did they do? When Ophelia came to dance Who knew and […]

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Are They Even Listening

Meaning without greed Lived with empathy and humanity That’s all most people need Well that and to be happy, fed and sheltered In this journey, that we lead Less for the many and more for the few Has got to be given […]

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I was brought up with a father and brothers I adore who were taught to respect women and defend them to their core.  So with these beautiful people as my templates I was perhaps very green about what to expect in my […]

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