life lessons, poetry

Reach For A Life Less Ordinary

Life is wealth,
Filled with possibility
But do we make it a reality
We deplete our credit in years
Shedding tears without knowing
In unconscious disrepair
Perhaps it’s a lack of care
Like our fathers before
We get on the treadmill
Making each day a chore
Consuming ourselves
With the repetition and the drudgery
Becoming a bore
Leaving us in purgatory
Fearing choices, change, others
We settle into the mundane
The precious gift of life ticking away
We look down
In a trance of a not so merry dance
Resisting the freedom to choose
Often leaving it to chance
Making excuses, procrastinating
Those dreams in our heads
Remain unsaid
We lose
We put off today for tomorrow
But at what sorrow
Don’t settle for less
Reach for that life less ordinary

© Pamela Morrison

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