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Are They Even Listening

Meaning without greed
Lived with empathy and humanity
That’s all most people need
Well that and to be happy, fed and sheltered
In this journey, that we lead
Less for the many and more for the few
Has got to be given the adieu
No wonder we are all in this pickle
With so many dispossessed
Its critical
The governments don’t hear the people
I don’t think it’s cos their evil
More a case of medieval, history books closed, this is like a sequel
They haven’t lived it and they don’t understand
The plight of the common man
Not the career politicians with little experience
Of a life that is more serious
Surfing from left to right via the central reservation
To win the race, to appease the nation
But the needs in front of them, they never face
They lobby like add executives
For a pitch but they never see the ditch
A deal, to steal the limelight, the glory, the next story
They fight and delight for every soundbite
But they don’t see the plight
Of those who put them where they are
They court the cameras, some like reality stars
Enjoying their courtesy cars & second homes
Then wonder why the electorate moans
Continuing their phoney rhetoric on a megaphone
If they think it will hit the right note
Give them the vote
They lie and spin
To get the win
Leaving behind their crimes
But they do no time, they commit fraud but are seemingly above the law
They have the air of superiority
But they are not supporting the majority
With all their powers they show up with nothing, no solutions just lies and mediocrity

© Pamela Morrison


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