life lessons, poetry

Follow Your Gut

No matter what you do in life
Listen to your gut
Don’t think twice
Ignore the cliches
Keep your head down
Don’t take a risk
Don’t stand out
A job for life

Don’t shy away from failure
Make mistakes
Be stupid,
Take a risk
Know your choices
Know your upside, your downside
And the return
Reach for the stars
Stretch yourself
Live and learn

Ignore the doubters the moaners
The get a job with a salary’ers
Don’t ignore your talent
You can make money at a desk
But make sure you’ve listened to your gut, your heart
Not just your head, before you settle for second best
Don’t waste your life, at least try that dream
You can reap the reward at things you love
And still pay your debts
But never, ever,  have regrets

© Pamela Morrison


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