The Working Week

Monday to Thursday
Just aren’t fun
I rarely see a happy tweet
For the working week
Imagine a message of, I can’t wait for
Tuesday Temptation
What a revelation
Or Wednesday Waycation
Sweeping the nation
With Thursday Tribulation
Causing vibrations and celebrations
But when it’s Friday
You hear them say Yay’day
Away day, Mayday
The end of the week
A Ruby Murry, such a treat
A winning streak
Why is a Friday such a celebration
Defibrilation of the working week
A resuscitation on repeat
Saturday gets off light
Then Sunday night appears with such a fright
After news at 10
When there’s an audible grown of
Not again
It’s Monday tomorrow
Is said with so much sorrow
A global chorus repeats
Then it begins again
What fun, the working week

© Pamela Morrison

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