life lessons

Go Out & Play

From childhood we see the possibility

The moon

Space travel

The galaxy

The hero and the heroine

Pegasus the noble steed

Growing up is hard to do

Consumed by the challenges in front of you

Attuned to the path, the journey within

Don’t forget from where you begin

The money and the superficial attitude

May take over

But, It’s just not you

You will break through

When the greasy pole beckons

And you climb to the top

Don’t be disheartened

When the view you expected

Is not what you thought


When the stress and the madness

Take up all of your time

And a feeling of sadness is shadowing your mind

You can stop and reset to find another direction

Hold your conviction

Don’t be afraid of you decisions

Disregard the criticism, the looks & the whispering

You are stepping outside of your comfort zone

You are not alone

That’s a life of experience


With all of this in front of you

Don’t forget to breath, you can always start anew!

Open your mind

See what you can do

Somehow by looking forward

Many stagnate with a lack of imagination

Their sense of art and creation on hold

Their identification replaced by a role or a label

Their lack of enjoyment

Often through their employment

Gains them a sense of entitlement

Sitting at a desk in the corner of a grey office

Never reaching enlightenment

Or being bold

Just rank and file

So make the time

For the things that life provides

Always see the wonder and joy in the simplicity

The scenery, the faces, the places

The everyday normality

Don’t let friendships slide for another day

Slow your pace to win the race

Don’t look down, you’ll miss out

Look up to the clouds

Put a smile on your face

Replace that scowl

Open up, don’t close in

Accept the joys and the wonders you receive

Realise that there are surprises all around you

Opportunities within your grasp

Let them in

Don’t walk past

Look up and encounter

A moment that could change your life

A smile that could connect you

An act of kindness that lights you up

Rewards you as you never thought

Leaving a smile on your face all day

Like magic but with no tricks, just a happiness , you can’t explain

A chance conversation, that gives you motivation

Engages you in all kinds of ways

Don’t leave these things for another day

It’s time

Now go out and play


© Pamela Morrison


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