What is magic anyway?

Do you believe in fairytales?

Can a kiss, as if like lazarus

Bring you back from the abyss

Or is it just imaginary

A shard of light

We cannot see

Perhaps it’s all just in our heads

These beliefs of hidden mystery

Is it just elementary

A discovery of Legerdemain

In other terms a slight of hand

Now you see it, now you don’t

Brings in the crowds

That simple quote

Heart in mouths

Eyes diverted

With the aid of smoke and curtains

From the huge pocket called a topit

Where many things secreted hide

To be regurgitated at a later time

Causing delight and elated screams

Of “Magic” when they are re-seen

Deep in concentration

We try to see the slip

Often not seeing the illusion

In the confusion

The manipulation of the creation

The trick

We are left in disbelief

Focusing on the Prestidigitation

What we see can often be

Just our imagination


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