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Your Possibility

Your only enemy is fear

You’re not one thing

Don’t disappear

Your mind is a powerful gift

Don’t let it make you drift

Don’t constrain your ideas

To fit in

Standout and standup

Be proud in your own makeup

Never lose your empathy

Your kindness, your sympathy

To yourself be true

There is only one of you

Be weird, unique, break the mould

Your possibilities are untold

Be bold but remain intact

A good idea is meaningless without the courage to act

Headstrong and inquisitive

Open minded and questioning

Able to see another’s side whilst contributing

In conversation

To find solutions to the problems

You have arrived

With actions and deeds and pride to achieve

You have reached a level of awareness

You are rich in experience

Wise in ways beyond your years

Because you didn’t give in to the pressure

Of society and conformity

You chose more wellness over online presence

Travel over Netflix dependence

Losing the virtual reality to be your own reality

Looking ahead, don’t stop your quest

Don’t resist the opportunities in your periphery

Lookup and see

Don’t stay so focused on just one dream

That you forget to be

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