Black Hole Society (Your Inaction Has Consequences)

Children are dying

Mothers are crying

Where is the rally, the tally

What were their sins

Futures in flames, nobody to blame?

All these lives incinerated with nobody incarcerated

Is this civilised society? I hang my head in shame

Politicians finger pointing, towing the party line

Standing on their side of the aisle

Spouting nasty rhetoric and bile

Culpable through closed mouths and missiles

They voted to drop with no thought of the consequences

The loss, the stockpile

The human cost, the ramifications or the aftershock

Theirs is only genuflection at the altar of perception

Covering asses with propaganda and deflection

Never answering the question

They turn a blind eye

Until there’s an exposé and it’s online

When change dot org

Raises a petition with thousands of signatures assigned

So it can’t be ignored

Then there is a hue and cry

Everyone scrambles onboard

As they realise this could be a good sound bite for the next election

Ticks in boxes at polling stations

But if they had their fingers on the pulse

And were actually doing their jobs

Instead of shooting their mouths off

They wouldn’t need an online conscience

To tell them what they should be concentrating on

It’s a sad reflection, no wonder there’s a feeling of dejection

With the administration

This is no resurrection

No epiphany or show of solidarity

It’s a case of singularity and a black hole of destruction


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