The Gravy Train

Economics, derived from Greek

Meaning Household Management

Not a cause for panic attacks

Breath, Relax!

You have it all in hand

Make no mistakes, it’s fairly common place

A debit, a credit, a list, a budget with some constraints

It’s an equation, of give and take

With some assumptions made

But it seems more complex nowadays

Addiction created in many ways

Walking blindly where there are no warnings

Down aisles in retailers

Where bargains are heaped in our way

Where wants become needs

We fritter our salary on calories

Where ease and comfort

Pave solutions to pain

Whilst taking our power away

With subtle mind games

But we don’t see the negativity

Many banks try to increase loyalty

With new technology

And we buy in without questioning

Selling us convenience and expedience

An increased rate of interest

The more we tap the more we earn

But ! The less we have

For a rainy day

This is not risk/reward

It’s claptrap

With their tap and pay

It disassociates us with what we’ve earned

The money seems irrelevant

And somehow our voice inside

Doesn’t learn

It’s addicted to the momentary high

The purchase the splurge

That fuels the automatic disengagement

Of our brains

Did we choose this way?

This brief pleasure for the later pain

As our lives and our money

Depletes each day

In this cycle, called the gravy train


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