As an IT pro / troubleshooter/crisis manager I wore many hats. I walked away and decided to change my path in 2012.  As part of this journey I have looked at what matters most and live a greener, cleaner and some may say meagre existence.  I say that I just hit reset and paired back my life so I could live it.  I have tried and experienced many things since 2012 and set myself many challenges. I have been fortunate enough to start writing and to tick off many bucket list items decades early.  My journey thus far has uncovered discoveries for me both personal and practical and it is here that you will find my words of wisdom, thoughts, advice, poetry, writing and whatever strikes a note.

You won’t find all the answers but there will hopefully be quite a few with some entertainment value.  I hope that what you read will make you think or say “hmmmmm” or inspire you to explore the possibilities.  We all are constantly learning and evolving as we wind our way in this journey called life.  Whether your flourish is found through eating well, writing poetry, being less wasteful, thinking differently, finding how to make things go further or finding how to pay less for what you want then join the journey.

Taking control over your own time, money and life so that you can concentrate on the things that really matter whilst having fun at the same time should be a given not a chore.  So let’s get you on track to live the life you deserve.

The reason for  “FreeYourFlourish” is to find a platform to explore and record the changes in our lives and use our strengths to work together in an environment very different from “The Treadmill on Repeat” that has ruled many working years.  There is no certainty as to how this will evolve or indeed if what is written here is something anyone would be interested in but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained……… Let’s see what happens – keep reading !