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Tick-Tock Banish your secret saboteur, your fear Ignore the No No No Whispering in your ear Resist the inner voice Who says that less is more in everything Make your choice Aim high, seek the risk reward Soar Don't barter with your life Don't block your way The clock is ticking, get started today

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Your Possibility

Wise in ways beyond your years
Because you didn't give in to the pressure
Of society and conformity
You chose more wellness over online presence
Travel over Netflix dependence
Losing the virtual reality to be your own reality
Looking ahead, don't stop your quest
Don't resist the opportunities in your periphery
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Trick or Treat (A Reality)

Trick or treat, I hear you repeat Bitter not sweet, Bitter not sweet It tool me a while to realise What I thought was love was just a disguise I don’t know what’s us anymore What’s the deal when you walk through the door Thought you were the love of my life What did I know about trouble and strife I woke up in the centre of a scene Face down on the kitchen floor Like something out of Halloween