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Christmas is around the corner

It's nearly here....... Panic, Fear, Christmas jumpers Making merry Queues Tears Cheers Headaches Another year

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Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Sweat your assets Or #Sweatyourassoff Don’t sit in the corner Use your skills Your smarts, Your face, Your place Make money with your passion Hustle with that talent Making to baking Dog walking and minding Babysitting to housesitting Planting to Ebaying Money doesn’t grow on trees But we all have talent to succeed Make the… Continue reading Make the Most of What You’ve Got

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Have Toothbrush Will Travel

via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush "Have tootbrush will travel" is one of my favourite expressions, I think I coined it in fact?  I always have one in a pocket of my bag, I never leave home without it, cleanliness is next to Godliness after all.  The toothbrush is my blunt weapon of choice often paired in… Continue reading Have Toothbrush Will Travel

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Life is What You Make of IT…….

  Life is what you make of it but often we forget, especially in the midst of it. Entrenched in our routines, heads down on the treadmill of life never looking up or getting off.  Often we live beyond our means on this journey of life, scuppering ourselves before we begin, but where does our… Continue reading Life is What You Make of IT…….