Your Possibility

Wise in ways beyond your years
Because you didn’t give in to the pressure
Of society and conformity
You chose more wellness over online presence
Travel over Netflix dependence
Losing the virtual reality to be your own reality
Looking ahead, don’t stop your quest
Don’t resist the opportunities in your periphery
Lookup and see #poetry #yourpossibility

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Travel Can Make You a Better Person, If You Take Your Time to Connect…….

Travel is an education and a joy. Travel makes me unwind, it frees my mind and somehow makes me more open to the universe and the possibilities, I tune in to my surroundings. I switch-off the tech, the kick-back and relax attitude […]

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Have Toothbrush Will Travel

via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush “Have tootbrush will travel” is one of my favourite expressions, I think I coined it in fact?  I always have one in a pocket of my bag, I never leave home without it, cleanliness is next to Godliness […]

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Change is Hard but it can set you Free

Whilst away, mid-earthquake, I realised that life is short and that I wanted more life in my years and that the only person standing in my way was me.

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Secret Places for Autumn in London

We are spoiled in London for green spaces, those happy places where memories are made and life is lived, where we all played.  The green spaces of London are not just the Royal Parks of which there are 8 but the ones […]

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Abridged Sunday London Market Tour

At least once a month I make a trip into the city early on a Sunday morning when there are few people about, it feels more intimate, just me and London town. I take photographs and wander around the markets, walking the […]

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Child Friendly Day Out in London

I have a large group of nieces and nephews ‘young and old’ and I love spending time with them.  I wear them out and give them back and then they annoy everyone, telling them about their fun Aunty in London.  They then say things […]

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An Evening Stroll Around London Town

To really know a place you have to walk it. It’s amazing what you discover when you go off of the beaten track and take a chance on that cute restaurant or ask someone local where they’d recommend. Great conversations often follow […]

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Agadir On A Budget

We had a great week and stuck to the £100 budget. We met some fabulous people, left with super-soft skin and I would definitely return again for some relaxation and early sun.

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