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Tick-Tock Banish your secret saboteur, your fear Ignore the No No No Whispering in your ear Resist the inner voice Who says that less is more in everything Make your choice Aim high, seek the risk reward Soar Don't barter with your life Don't block your way The clock is ticking, get started today

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I Kill Demons, You can too…

I am a great believer in quality and value in life and in everything I do.  I've never been one for the latest trend, unless I find it first, I'm not a follower of fashion, I do like style and a good cut.  I recycle, up-cycle, I love preloved and I re-love and I swap-shop with… Continue reading I Kill Demons, You can too…

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Be Your Own Knight

I love a tongue twister, a lyric, a poem a rhyme, a word, never be afraid to express yourself I do it all the time ... Be Your Own Knight Imagine when this was fairly normal garb I wonder was it seen, as stylish? Could I get one in my size? A knight in shining armour… Continue reading Be Your Own Knight

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via Daily Prompt: Pause In 2009 my Dad got sick and we nearly lost him, my world as I knew it somehow shifted focus.  I love the bones of my Dad, he's my hero and then in an instant I became the responsible adult.  He wasn't himself , drugged up raving & hallucinating, chasing the… Continue reading Pause

General Commentary, life lessons, lifestyle

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get!

In my youth I was somewhat shy and reserved, this was often misinterpreted as 'snooty or above herself'.  I would always wait to be asked to do things i.e.. get up to sing or dance (both of which I love....) as I didn't want to be seen as "pushy or a show-off". I knew I could do these… Continue reading If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get!