Travel Can Make You a Better Person, If You Take Your Time to Connect…….

Travel is an education and a joy. Travel makes me unwind, it frees my mind and somehow makes me more open to the universe and the possibilities, I tune in to my surroundings. I switch-off the tech, the kick-back and relax attitude happens as soon as I lock my front door and close my garden… Continue reading Travel Can Make You a Better Person, If You Take Your Time to Connect…….

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Modern Times

Feeling sad, close to tears Why have you ghosted me after all these years Cowards way out, technology age So disappointed, hurt mixed in with rage What did I do, what did I say For you to just cut me out, in this way I expected more but I'm not surprised Everything is expendable, modern… Continue reading Modern Times

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I Kill Demons, You can too…

I am a great believer in quality and value in life and in everything I do.  I've never been one for the latest trend, unless I find it first, I'm not a follower of fashion, I do like style and a good cut.  I recycle, up-cycle, I love preloved and I re-love and I swap-shop with… Continue reading I Kill Demons, You can too…

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via Daily Prompt: Pause In 2009 my Dad got sick and we nearly lost him, my world as I knew it somehow shifted focus.  I love the bones of my Dad, he's my hero and then in an instant I became the responsible adult.  He wasn't himself , drugged up raving & hallucinating, chasing the… Continue reading Pause